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How to navigate to Custom POI's in MioMap

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Okay, so I bought the Mio A701. Fantastic phone and all that but I have a problem.

First of all MioMap v2 doesn't appear to support custom POI's natively. Okay, not that big a deal because I bought POI Warner which allows you to see custom POI's on the map.

But........Is it possible to get MioMap v2 to navigate to these POI's? E.g. I'm out and about and I fancy nipping to the nearest KFC (my GF loves it), is there any way of getting MioMap to navigate to my nearest KFC?

With TomTom Mobile on my C550 it was a doddle cos all the POI's appeared in POI's (logically enough), but in MioMap I'm jiggered if I can work it out.

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