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Phone problem (GSM failure)

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When I restart my Mio, most of the times, the GSM radio doesn't work, like it doesn't exist. Then I go to Settings -> eUtility and I got a message "RIL function failed".

I have to reset again and again until it works!

I'm tired of this phone! :)

Anyone could help me on this?

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Hello - have you tried removing the battery for ~ 10 secs? (I expect you have).

I found this didn't remove any of my data & the GSM then worked straight away...

I ran into a similar problem after switching off Flight mode after arrival in Europe - it might be that going into Roaming from Flight mode off is tricky for the A701. However, I did not have your error - my device just failed to software reset properly & I was presented with the Today screen, but no buttons/screen worked upon repeated resets.

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