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Nokia PC Suite problems

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I recently upgraded my copy of PC Suite to 6.80.20 and found that they appear to have changed the way pictures/videos are copied from the phone.

It used to manage to notice that old pictures had already been copied without having to delete them. It would only copy "new" images from the phone to the PC.

With this version (and 6.80.22 that I was prompted to upgrade to today) that appears to have changed. It no longer notices that it has copied images. In fact, if you leave "delete from phone" unchecked, it will copy the same images over and over again!

Has anyone else noticed this - or is it something I have changed and the upgrades are a coincidence?

Any comments appreciated.

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Your not the only one. Its getting annoying that I have to keep going into the files to delete the duplicated pics. The old version appeared to be a lot more intelligent regarding previously transferred files.

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