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I got one and love it!!!! Feature wize yeah the TyTN is better but if you don't need 3G this is really like the perfect device. After getting this 2weeks ago I sold my TyTN I am on T-Mobile USA so i couldnt even utilize UMTS. But honestly I was skeptical until i recieved mine, its like when u first saw pics of the s620 (excalibur) it didnt blow you away but when u see it in person and feel it in your hand your hooked. The same goes for P4350 you have to see it and use it to understand the difference.

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I've got one too :)

me very very very very very happy

only used it for a couple of minutes and allready think it rules!!


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Hi guys, I've got also one, ordered Friday and got Saturday at 12 (thanks DHL and my favorite shop) :-)

I think its the better Wizard and the best HTC with sliding keyboard.

The cover and materials are nice, the display sliding out part is out of black, cool metal. The keyboard buttons are the best ones at all.

The power performance is more than I exptected, even better than on my Excalibur, better than Treo 750v.

Sound quality of phone application is the best of Wizard and TyTN, I think better than Excalibur, clear and natural.

Overall volume is loud enough, I read about complains which I cannot confirm. Its very good pocketable, ok, little heavier than I expected.

And whats amazing is the general system speed - guys take the Wizard and TyTN and multiple by x2.

I don't know why and how, but it's so fast, faster than TyTN with 400Mhz, faster than Treo 750v with 300Mhz, very usefull. The screen swichtes from normal to landscape without any single interruption or delay, thats fun!

Reception is good, screen also, I'm going to install my TomTom now and will take it with me for the next few days/weeks....let's see what's the next coming to make us happy.

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Just thought I would add to the thread.

I had one about a week and think its great, only downfall uis there is no light sensor on the keyboard as the hermes, and I would have preferred funkier looking hardware buttons as with the wizard 2, but baring that no complaints.

If anyone wants one I may be able to get good deals via work, so if interested PM me.



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