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My update gets stuck at %92

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I used to have 3.46 firmware on my mpx220.

then I had to give it for technical repairs and got it back after they changed the mainboard.

Since the firmware was different, I decided I should reinstall the firmware I was using and restore my backup file.

But the thing is I can't install any firmware on it.

I've tried 3.46, 3.51, 1.28, 1.49, 1.43 but no luck.

What I've noticed is European ones get stuck at 91% and Asian ones get stuck at 92%.

I've also tried upgrading on another computer (laptop).

Since the upgrade failed in the middle of file transfer, I can't even turn my phone on.

It gives me some kind of an error message like "Download incompletely"

I'm planning to try it with another data cable.

I've also checked the Surreal networks forums and noticed one other person had the same problem too.

But there was no answer, no solution for it.

Did it happen to anybody else? Do you have any idea what should be the problem?

Thanks for your time and attention

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I think it's more a problem with regards to the software rather than the hardware! Try re-downloading the offline updater and re-download the firmware from other sites! Maybe it will help!

Hopefully this will solve your problem!

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My guess is that it fails while flashing the radio section of the ROM, try putting your MPX220 in bootloader then rerunning the update


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