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Repairing a Nokia 6111

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Hi All,

My girlfriend has a Nokia 6111 (the little pink one!) that she's put through a quick cycle in the washing machine!

Anyways, the battery appears to be knackered as it will not do anything unless plugged in to charge. When on charge I can turn on the phone, and it will make the "startup" sound and I can then press buttons and hear a tone. However, nothing appears on the screen.

I've bought a new screen on ebay and fitted it, but still nothing. I bought a new flex ribbon that attached the front and back PCB's and fitted that but still nothing. I've even bought and fitted the PCB the screen attaches too. And guess what....nothing!

So now i've spend about £35 and still got a pretty poorly phone!

Anyone got any advice?

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From the start you probably should have taken it to your nearest Nokia Service Center I suspect!


Yeah, hindsight is a wonderful thing! I know my local Carphone Warehouse is my nearest Nokia Service Center, but does anyone know how much it will cost to have it repaired??

And does anyone want to buy some spare parts for a 6111?? ;)

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