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Comparison between different MDA Touch versions

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After conducting some benchmarks using the SPB Benchmarking tool with the MDA Touch (128Mb and 256Mb versions) and the Kaiser (v1615 version) I arrived at the results shown in this link.

The most surprising is that in 7 of the 28 tests, the Kaiser came last. Normally in memory or graphic-related tests (Despite the Kaiser having the better Graphics index!).

The 256Mb version was faster than the 128Mb version in 18 tests, relating more to CPU, reading single files or writing multiple files and general real world usability tests.

The 128Mb version out-performed the 256Mb version in 8 tests, more related to the smaller size of storage to search IMHO. The results pretty much match up with my experiences, in that the 256Mb version is faster, more powerful and responsive and appears to have better battery life so far than the 128Mb version.

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