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Cannot connect to carkit

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Hey all,

Currently i'm using a HTC Touch (Branded as a Orange p3450, not unlocked).

I got a leased car with a build-in Bluetooth carkit called Audio Blue by Funkwerk Dabendorf (FWD).

However i'm unable to connect the phone with the carkit. I know it's not in the Compatibility list but i'm not sure why not (still waiting for reply by Funkwerk).

This is what i should do and what goes wrong:

* Bluetooth on the phone is on, can be found by other devices, no passkey needed for bluetooth, and i set 'accept incoming/outgoing signals' in the settings-menu on.

* I let the Audio Blue search for the phone, it finds one (gives me a mac-adress, so if you know a way i can check my bluetooth mac-adress on the phone would be great) and i make it connect.

* The Audio blue gives me a passkey (random generated).

* I let the phone search for the carkit, select it and give the passkey.

* As soon as i press 'next' the carkit cancels the whole connecting process.

Anybody some interesting ideas?

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I think that you shouldn't be searching from the phone as well, it's starting a new pairing process which is probably what kills the existing one.

Try starting the pairing from your Touch

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Indeed, when the car kit gives you the PIN, you should then be prompted for it on your Touch.

Your Touch is set to 'Discoverable' right?


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If i start searching from the carkit it finds the phone and gives a pin. But the phone does not pop-up 'a device wants to connect' so if i do nothing on the phone the adding-process on the phone isn't started, thus i can never enter the PIN.

If i start from the phone (doing nothing on the carkit) i'm asked for a PIN, which i do not know because it did not generate one (it only generates a PIN after i select a phone on the carkit).

I tried to start the 'phone-search' AFTER i received the PIN from the carkit, but i can start it on different moments as well, i'm just not sure when.

My phone is set to discoverable (no passkey needed on my phone, because i cannot enter a code on the carkit).

For extra ensurance i also actived settings > connections > outgoing signals > accept incoming signals (weird, i have an menu called accept OUTgoing, and in there the only option is accept INcoming).

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