Text/Calling to the Netherlands?

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coalass    0


Was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. My girlfriend lives in amsterdam and im in london. I'm currently on o2 and its costing me a bomb to text/ring her, i do have the £5 package add on from o2 but doesnt help much....bills are still £120 a month and its killing me.

I've heard about t-mobile flext, wud the allow me to use all the inclusive minutes/text (if i went for £75 flext package a month) to text/ring to the netherlands. If not has anyone got any ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Many Thanks


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Confucious    1

International calls / texts don't come out of your Flext Allowance - sorry.

They do have an add on £20 for 200 mins - not sure about texts though.

It might be worth giving all of the phone companies a ring and seeing what they offer - I'm sure you are not the only one in this situation but I can't find much info!

Good luck.

Let us know how you get on.

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Dark Horse    0

Hi Matt,

The cheapest tariff to send international SMS that I know of is on O2 PAYG for 10p per text, either on their Your Country package or the standard PAYG tariff with the International Caller option that costs a one off £4.99 (I have the latter).

You can also send international texts for free or at least cheaper if you use any of the various SMS websites floating around. However, I avoid them as they require too much personal information.

Much better than SMS is to get yourselves a couple of VOIP phones to call each other for free (see my post at or use a call through number like 0844 2007575 to call the Netherlands for 0.5p per min. At that rate, you could talk for 20 mins for the same price as sending a 10p SMS!


Dark Horse

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