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Bluetooth Auto Connection?

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My old Samsung i700 and i730 would automatically connect to a paired bluetooth device.

What i mean by that is that I have a bluetooth speakerphone in my car....when I flip open the microphone, it connects to a bluetooth device. It would then automatically be connected, and therefore my phone would ring to the speakerphone.

However with my i760...and not my i920, when I flip open the microphone, it does connect to the phone...but i have to press the button on the speakerphone for it to be "active" with my phone. This is annoying because it also triggers the voice command software.

Is there any way to change this behavior?

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my bluetooth headset has play/pause FF/RW buttons. My phone pairs to the bluetooth but always just the phone part and you have to manually select wireless headphones in the menu. I found a solution to that which is i let it pair normally and once i click the play/pause button it enables wireless stereo. This way i dont even need to take the phone out of my pocket.

What i'm trying to say is maybe you have a similar button that might do the same for you.

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