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Legend connection to computer

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When I got my legend several months ago I was able to get it to "talk" to the laptop via a USB cable, set at "HTC Sync" and as a "Hard drive". Now it will not connect

I have removed HTC Sync and reinstalled it from the original micro sd card and it appears to run as normal.

The problem is that normally when I plug something into a USB port or unplug something I get a "be-donk".

When I plug my Legend in to a USB port I get no response and no sound. Nothing appears under "Computer" nor is any phone recognised by HTC Sync.

I have tried with it set at "HTC Sync" and with it set as a "Hard drive".

Any suggestions?

I am not using the original HTC usb lead as it has gone walkabouts. I am using a mini usb lead with a mini to micro adapter - can this be the problem?

I am still actively searching for the original HTC usb lead.

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Further to my earlier request for help I have now progressed further but not far enough.

I had a brainwave (not very often at my advanced years) and searched a box in my motorhome and I found the HTC usb lead there.

Now when I plug in I get the "be-donk" sound and the phone connects normally.

The phone initially said that it could not find HTC Sync on the computer but after about five minutes the computer woke up and connected to the phone.

So it was the lead. How is the HTC usb lead different from the other mini usb lead plus mini to micro adapter?

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