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How could i root an USB bricked Legend 1.32 ? ==> FIXED

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Hi all,

First of all sorry for my approximate english !

Here is my problem. I was using Rodriguez Style's rom then I wanted to try Azure 0.4. Flash process passed but my SD Card was not reconize anymore and USB connection didn't work except in fastboot mod. And I was not able to install gapps.... I was not aware about USB Bricked etc . So I decided to install my official HTC Vodaphone rom which are on HTC website. I didn't notice that the rom was a 1.32 rom. I managed to install this rom, thinking that will fix SD and connection issues.... Basics android phone functions work (market, contact, etc...) but USB connection and SD Card don't work.

I activated my SD Card in fastboot mode with this command line :

fastboot oem enableqxdm 0

I can use my SD Card and it's a really good thing. My phone works almost as before. But now I would like to enable usb connection. I saw several topics on this subject but I have to root my phone.... And I can't because I have to downgrade it first with Legend Hack's tools (adb, etc) with an USB connection fully working.

Is it possible to fix this issue ? Is there another method that I missed ?

A helping hand will be really useful !!!


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I think I can re-activate my USB thanks to temporally root. This method works fine !


You can install SoftRoot.apk with Astro or other apk manager without adb command line.

Then you have to wait at least 5 seconds when the application crash and not 2 seconds as mentioned in the topic.

And your HTC Legend Phone is finally rooted !

You can check that taping "su" (a # will appear) then "id". This will confirm that your phone is rooted.

Now I think i will be able to follow this topic (http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-legend-legend-modaco-com/309961/usb-brick-rickrolled-b0rked-fixed/) and get my USB back !

In this case I will put a "fixed mark" on this post !

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Everything works ! Now I can downgrade my 1.32 rom with my USB connection !

So to recapitulate :

- use one click root

- then use the official method to recover the usb connection

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