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i920 audio switcher

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Hey guys i'm trying to get the voice to come through my ear piece instead of the speakerphone..

i'm sure it has been talked about on here but i can't seem to find a working solution on here or xda..

can someone point me in the right direction?

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ok, I'm answering my own questions.... I found the solution, and no need for any software!

Just dial *#0002*28346#, you'll enter the engineering mode. Choose in menu to SetForce audio path to "Voice Receiver", thereafter all speaker sounds goes to the earpiece. When you're done, go back to the menu and release the force audio mode and all sounds go back to speakers.

Working wonderfully for Skype! No longer a need for me to put on the headphone whenever I Skype with the i8000! I can just talk like in a normal phone call!

I've only tried stuff like this a couple of times but it never seems to work for me... does the i920 have anything like this??

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