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got yesterday

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I just got yesterday..


Social network integration (Facebook , Windows life )

The themes, colors, the new ui

DLNA connection works great I'm able to connect to a windows 7 media center :-)

Dont like

This is my list:

1. alarm no vibration, the sound is to quite , I dont wake up !

2. SMS, if you are writing a message and you move to another app (with the back Key), the message is not added to draft, so when you come back the SMS is gone.

3 The keyboard... IS bad has hell, no multilanguage, no Compact or phone layout, no vibration on key press. You cant select t9 on/off.. I have my phone in spanish, if I write on english I have to go to Settings and dissable corrections.. If I don't do this and write in english (like right now) I get "bad" corrections to spanish...

4 It does not have ring and vibration ! It vibrate ones and then rings , so if you have the phone in your pocket and you dont get the first vibration, you will lose phone calls

Please Microsoft, remember this is a phone, the first priority are the Basic phone features... My old Nokia (7 years ago) have these features

For me WP7 is a "toy" and I will keep my old phone until Microsoft fix this issues.. My advice.. WAIT! to buy a WP7....

It's to bad because I realy like Microsoft products.. (I will keep my HD2)

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