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can someone try the latest KANG if the USB Host mode is working properly? thanks in advance :)

Mouse/keyboard works, external drives don't - just like in johnsmithx's...

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Actually, despite I told them not to try it yet, they did and already reported success with:

- USB flashdisk

- USB card reader

- wireless mouse (don't know whether USB or bluetooth)

- PS/2 keyboard connect to Blade via PS/2 -> USB convertor

Just FYI..

Anyway, with previous version of the kernel I had full success with all kind of accessories, so I don't really see any reason why it shouldn't work with this kernel as well.

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Where does the flashdisk get mounted?

That would be nice feature for me but somehow I can't get it to work on any rom or with any drive....

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//EDIT: links deleted, sorry. But at least now you know for sure it's doable and it's not a rocket science. Surely someone else will make it for you soon.

//EDIT2: the rest of the post deleted as well.

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Here is the short status report on USB Host and whatnot.

USB Host on 2.6.35 worked since the beginning ...

Great! That works perfect !

Thanks for your work

Edited by DB_Runner

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Another side effect - despite didn't really trying it seems I made the kernel run faster. People reported around 7% speed increase in Quadrant Benchmark as compared to the default CM kernel. I wouldn't make a big deal of it, though, it may be just by chance.


As for the source codes of my changes, despite being a strong pro-OSS, this time I will not publish the sources for one reason: there are people who are trying to make profit on these things. Many of them are not even programmers, they just take a thing from here, take a thing from there, put it in a .zip file and then start begging with big "DONATE" buttons and links. I don't know what this is about, I don't understand it, I don't see beggars on the streets having cell phones and working on their laptops (if someone is begging for a money he must be a beggar, right?), I don't know why they are trying to exploit the whole OSS for their personal profit, I don't know if they are seriously ill that they cannot work as billions other people or if they are just lazy parasites, and I don't want to be part of their scheme in any way. It seems to be some weird phenomenon these years, there are even whole forums based on various dirty tricks to pull money from people pockets, it just make me sick. So I simply don't want these wise-guys to monetize on my (not theirs) work, which I have done for others for free. Oh, and if my sincerity offends those who are trying to make this very forum their cash cow, feel free to delete this post, I don't give a damn thing.

Hi, just a quick note from one of the "lazy parasites". The ~7% increased Quadrant scores likely comes from the AHB overclocking that I invented as a "dirty trick" to pull money from peoples pockets.

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What you've done is impressive. It would be a shame to lose it. I don't know how many hours you put in to get everything working nicely together but i guess it was plenty.

I'm sure a lot of people would be very grateful (myself included) if we could enjoy improved power management, USB host mode, ntfs support etc

I guess such features would quickly become ubiquitous and perhaps then no single ROM packager or developer would be seen as taking advantage or be able to trade off of these features.

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I don't agree with the "lazy parasites" comment. I've used some of the ROMs made available on this site, and I really appreciate all the work that's gone into them. Sometimes I'll give a few euros for that.

And I think you're misunderstanding open source - this is from Wikipedia: Stallman said that this is where people get the misconception of "free": there is no wrong in programmers' requesting payment for a proposed project. Restricting and controlling the user's decisions on use is the actual violation of freedom. In fact it looks like you're not conforming with the spirit of open source.

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Great! That works perfect !

Thanks for your work

How did you get it working DB_Runner? What ROM are you using?

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How did you get it working DB_Runner? What ROM are you using?

i use johnsmithx kernel #81, CM7, this guide or "Q5 USB Memory Manager" APP, powered usb hub, ntfs/fat sticks

BUT it works not everytime, dont know why AND it drains battery sometimes (cause no deep sleep)

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Hy. Im a newbie but I really intrested in android os. But now 2.1 is an old os, i use Android 2.3.4 CM7 (of course on Blade), but i may update to 2.3.5... Can you write a newer modification for the newer kernel? ...may with OTG function to switch host/slave mode from the OS? Im really interested in programming, and I will learn about android os and kernel, but now I haven't the knowledge to write this. Can you help me with this kernel, or it's not possible, tell me why not?

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Anybody have 2.6.35 kernel for CM7.2 with working OTG? I only find burstlam kernel with USB Host Function enabled. If I pplug OTG cable - port switches to host mode, but no reaction to any device(with external power of course) sad.gif

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I'm trying to get a usb wifi adaptor working with my blade.

I'm looking for the kernel sources for Cyanogenmod to compile some drivers against. I've got a USB wifi device which I want to get working in a debian chroot environment.

So far, I've got lsusb in the chroot displaying my adaptor (RTL8187).

I'm using an older nightly build because I'm using Johnsmithx's usb otg patch which works on

I've downloaded the kernel sources from:


loaded them into my chroot debian, run a make oldconfig, make prepare and make modules_prepare against my running .config,

then I got the latest compat and made that gainst the sources above which seemed to work with no errors and generated the .ko files.

problem is, when I try and insmod them into my chroot, I get

insmod rtl8187.ko

insmod: error inserting 'rtl8187.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in module

And this in dmesg:
[10-03 11:03:39.117956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_send_assoc_timeout

[10-03 11:03:39.117956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_sched_scan_results

[10-03 11:03:39.117956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_rx_unexpected_4addr_frame

[10-03 11:03:39.117956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol atomic64_read

[10-03 11:03:39.117956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_scan_done

[10-03 11:03:39.117956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_sched_scan_stopped

[10-03 11:03:39.137956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_send_auth_timeout

[10-03 11:03:39.137956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_remain_on_channel_expired

[10-03 11:03:39.137956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol ieee80211_amsdu_to_8023s

[10-03 11:03:39.137956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_send_deauth

[10-03 11:03:39.137956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_ref_bss

[10-03 11:03:39.137956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol __cfg80211_send_deauth

[10-03 11:03:39.137956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_new_sta

[10-03 11:03:39.137956] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_send_unprot_deauth

[10-03 11:03:39.147948] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_calculate_bitrate

[10-03 11:03:39.147948] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol atomic64_add_return

[10-03 11:03:39.147948] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol compat_ewma_add

[10-03 11:03:39.147948] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_ready_on_channel

[10-03 11:03:39.147948] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol compat_dependency_symbol

[10-03 11:03:39.147948] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_classify8021d

[10-03 11:03:39.147948] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_send_unprot_disassoc

[10-03 11:03:39.147948] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol wiphy_register

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol wiphy_new

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_put_bss

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_gtk_rekey_notify

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_can_beacon_sec_chan

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol ieee80211_bss_get_ie

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_rx_spurious_frame

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_ibss_joined

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol __cfg80211_send_disassoc

[10-03 11:03:39.157955] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_report_obss_beacon

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_michael_mic_failure

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_cqm_pktloss_notify

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_send_rx_auth

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol wiphy_unregister

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_send_disassoc

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_init

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_notify_new_peer_candidate

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_get_bss

[10-03 11:03:39.167951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol __ieee80211_get_channel

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol rfc1042_header

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol compat_ewma_init

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_mgmt_tx_status

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_find_ie

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_del_sta

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_probe_status

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol ieee80211_data_to_8023

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_send_rx_assoc

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_next

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol ieee80211_channel_to_frequency

[10-03 11:03:39.177940] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_rx_mgmt

[10-03 11:03:39.187941] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol ieee80211_hdrlen

[10-03 11:03:39.187941] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol compat_schedule_work

[10-03 11:03:39.187941] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_inform_bss_frame

[10-03 11:03:39.187941] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol compat_flush_scheduled_work

[10-03 11:03:39.187941] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol ieee80211_frequency_to_channel

[10-03 11:03:39.187941] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol bridge_tunnel_header

[10-03 11:03:39.197951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_unlink_bss

[10-03 11:03:39.197951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol wiphy_free

[10-03 11:03:39.197951] [840: insmod]mac80211: Unknown symbol cfg80211_cqm_rssi_notify

[10-03 11:03:48.827955] [841: insmod]cfg80211: Unknown symbol compat_genl_unregister_family

[10-03 11:03:48.827955] [841: insmod]cfg80211: Unknown symbol compat_genl_register_family_with_ops

[10-03 11:03:48.827955] [841: insmod]cfg80211: Unknown symbol compat_dependency_symbol

[10-03 11:03:48.827955] [841: insmod]cfg80211: Unknown symbol rfkill_resume_polling

[10-03 11:03:48.847951] [841: insmod]cfg80211: Unknown symbol compat_schedule_work

[10-03 11:03:48.857946] [841: insmod]cfg80211: Unknown symbol compat_schedule_delayed_work

[10-03 11:04:08.387951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_queue_stopped

[10-03 11:04:08.387951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_free_hw

[10-03 11:04:08.387951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_alloc_hw

[10-03 11:04:08.387951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_register_hw

[10-03 11:04:08.387951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_generic_frame_duration

[10-03 11:04:08.407951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_tx_status_irqsafe

[10-03 11:04:08.407951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol compat_dependency_symbol

[10-03 11:04:08.407951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol wiphy_rfkill_set_hw_state

[10-03 11:04:08.407951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_queue_delayed_work

[10-03 11:04:08.407951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol wiphy_rfkill_stop_polling

[10-03 11:04:08.407951] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol eeprom_93cx6_multiread

[10-03 11:04:08.417950] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol wiphy_rfkill_start_polling

[10-03 11:04:08.417950] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_unregister_hw

[10-03 11:04:08.427955] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_beacon_get_tim

[10-03 11:04:08.427955] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol compat_schedule_work

[10-03 11:04:08.427955] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_frequency_to_channel

[10-03 11:04:08.427955] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol compat_schedule_delayed_work

[10-03 11:04:08.427955] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_rx_irqsafe

[10-03 11:04:08.427955] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol eeprom_93cx6_read

[10-03 11:04:08.427955] [842: insmod]rtl8187: Unknown symbol ieee80211_rts_duration

I think the modules wont load because I'm compiling this against the wrong kernel sources, what do you guys think?



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What's the point? The Blade has built-in Wi-fi, yes!

The built in wifi isn't able to get into monitor mode, and thus, you can't hack wireless networks with it.

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What's the point? The Blade has built-in Wi-fi, yes!

It does, but the purpose of this is to:

  • Connect a high-powered Wifi card - increaced range
  • Utilise "monitor mode" for tools like Aircrack
  • connect wired ethernet
  • have the ability to compile other drivers so that it's possible to connect other perephials such as USB to Serial adaptors, usb game controllers, external screens etc.

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