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Bryan W.

jinbox and Exchange ActiveSync

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Cool stuff I just found out!!

As far as I know it, jinbox is (imo) awsome, but it really only worked well for reading the text messeges. It has the ability to read emails, but it just had problems so in most cases that part is disabled.

Well today I was experimenting with a new feature for Hotmail on our mobiles called Exchange ActiveSync. Link.

Basically you setup your hotmail account on your phone as an exchange account instead of POP3, or using the Windows Live app. This Exchange-like route is is meant to be superior to IMAP. The biggest thing I like is I can remove that Live app, setup an Exchange account in the phone, and now it syncs Calendar appointments and tasks, in addition to all it already did. Oh and push updates. Its like the (FINALLY) holy grail of using Outlook with the connector and being able to sync it all to my phone and the web-based Hotmail.

In any case- I was trying to find ways to speed up texting on this ROM, and when I opened jinbox, it immediately saw the exchange account! I was able to use jinbox to list the emails in my folders, and when I click a particular email it opens it in the normal window. Before I used this Exchange Hotmail thing while I was using the Live app, the email account never even showed in jinbox.

Just something cool I thought I'd share. I personally find jinbox awesome because it is faster at texting that just about everything else I've used to far. Perhaps with this email feature it can be used more predominately now.

** I accidentally posted one level up in other forum, so I reposted here and now we have two. :P

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