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Some people asked me how I change the default theme of my cooked ROMs. So, I decided to make a guide to it.

It's not a difficult thing, but you need to do it carefully, because you can screw the entire ROM with a wrong or missing line.

So, the method step-by-step:

  • Unpack the needed theme's CAB file (create an OEM package from it)
  • Go into the .tsk file of the theme with Total Commander (on PC) and open the _setup.xml.
  • Copy the content from the "<characteristic type="Registry">" line to the end (I presume, the file operation commands in the beggining of the file. If not, then you need to filter it out.).
  • Create the file "mxipcold_wpc_3.provxml". (That's the default theme's filename in the ROMs of the O2)
  • Paste the above mentioned lines to it and put the line "<wap-provisioningdoc>" to the very beggining. (the end of the file needs to "</wap-provisioningdoc>".
  • Put this code between the "<characteristic type="Registry">" and the pasted codes (replace the YourTheme.tsk with the name of the .tsk you want to apply):
    		<characteristic type="HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Today">
    			<parm name="Skin" value="\windows\YouTheme.tsk" datatype="string"/>
    			<parm name="UseStartImage" value="1" datatype="integer"/>
    			<parm name="DPI" value="192" datatype="integer"/>
    			<parm name="MultiColorThemeEnabled" value="1" datatype="integer"/>
    		<characteristic type="HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Today\YourTheme.tsk">
    			<parm name="COLOR_TITLEFLATCENTER" value="0" datatype="integer"/>
    			<parm name="COLOR_SOFTKEYFLATCENTER" value="0" datatype="integer"/>

  • Form the code, to see there's not missing any "</characteristic>" or anything.
  • If the theme is using images, and the path is not "\Windows\anything.png" then change it to that.
  • Save the file "mxipcold_wpc_3.provxml" and copy to the OEMApps folder (overwrite the original, but make a backup from it, before this).
  • Delete everything from the first created OEM package's initflash.txt
  • Optional: Change the "false" to "true" in the option.xml of the OEM package to make it checked by default in BuildOS.
  • Put the OEM package to the OEM folder
  • Cook and flash the ROM.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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Thanks a lot Dear Rapid.

Edited by soroush0313

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Nice post, I will use this when I have some time to make my own ROM.


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