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Omnia 7headphones

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Hi guys

Got an issue using my Omnia 7 with headphones (usually while at the gym so lots of movement).

I've got two different sets of headphones displaying differnet issues:

* Samsung supplied headphones - work OK but on occassion the volume will be turned down to zero. Turning the volume back up while the headphones are plugged in doesn't work, it sticks at zero (although you can see the volume indicator flick between 1 and zero which imples it's turning up but being turned straight back down). If you unplug the headphones then the volume turns up but as soon as you plug the headphones back in then it returns back to zero.

* Sennheiser headphones - with these plugged in the songs pause, moves to next song, goes to previous; they are all over the place! Also, a few times I've plugged these in I've had a high-volume buzzing noise - I've had to reset the phone to get rid of this.

It's rather odd behaviour and doesn't happen all the time with either headphones. The Sennheiser are my preferred choice, but they seem more problematical and with the issues I've had with the Samsung-supplied ones there seems little point in purchasing new headphones at this stage.

Has anyone else had any issues? If not, then I'll return the unit for replacement but felt it was worth checking here first!



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Did you find a solution for your problem? I have the same problem that occurs everytime i connect the headset.

any advice?


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