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koko5800    1

how can we change the new keymapping and has anyone made a list of the new codes for keys

when i change codes in the new qwerty.kl file it didn't change anything but damage the key mapping not like the old qwerty.kl file when i change the keymapping to my custom keysetup and running as i need

anyone know how can we change it ?

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lotuxete    6

Is there any tutorial to personalize the key layout?

Most of key layout I've found here uses the End-Call button as sleep on/off and "cube" button as "option menu". The "side effects" of this are accidentals unlocking while the phone is in my bag/pocket. En effect, you only have to press End-call and after cube to unlock the phone. This is annoying me ¡

This problem produces lots of accidental calls while the phone is in my bag/pocket ¡¡

I would like to use the endcall button only as ENDCALL and not to unlock, and unlock button only as UNLOCK and not as BACK. Camera button as CAMERA and not as BACK, and finally back button as BACK and not as "home". This make sense, doesn't it?


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TheGoDxxxx    2

I could at least change the call button to HOME and the windows-button (close) to BACK the usual way. All other config either didn't work or made unlocking unreliable (changing call-end-button).

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I am also searching high and low on ways to remap the keys as well.

1. Editing qwerty.kl and reinstall did not help

2. Update thru o2b3update.tar.gz cause phone to freeze

Appreciate any help..

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