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Hi All,

I am wonder if anyone have any instruction on how this device can be take apart ?


start by removing the sd and sim card, then looking between the slots for these, you will see a small circular sticker covering a small crosshead screw, remove sticker and screw.

Now using a spudger .. or something else suitably soft, prize the black plastic panel off - the first time I did this I used a finger nail! it needs some force, but be confident!

As the panel is un-popped all round you will notice that there is an integrated grey plastic framework attached to it on the inside - this has several locating lugs and slots. The sd/sim cover will fall out of it's own accord!

That's as far as I got, you will notice the location of the sd/sim cover as you remove it, simply hold it back in place as you re-attach the back panel.

Hope this helps :)

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