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FEW IMPORTANT flashing Questions

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hello, have a few questions related to ROM flashing on my Omnia 2 (from Australia).

1. If the ROM updating procedure freezes, what do I do?

2. If human error causes a ROM update to fail (such as disconnecting the cable), what do I do?

3. Why do sometimes you need to flash eBoot and what is the risk.

4. What do you do if when flashing eBoot it freezes itself or is interrupted by human error?

5. For some reason my omnia 2 gets stuck on the "language setup" screen when flashing (happened to me once, I forgot how I fixed it). What do I do and why did it happen?

6. Where can I find the STOCK 6.5 ROM for my Omnia 2? (without paying)

If have flashed one ROM only onto my phone, so I am pretty much a noob, and I want to flash another rom but I am scared that I will brick it or I will need to flash a new eBoot or Phone part. The rom I want to flash is this one: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...ium-cookie-2-0/ | "REFERENCE rom"

Please answer my questions , thank in advance.

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hmm.. let me answer your questions.

1-3 if you dun flash eboot, if something went wrong, the phones boot loader should still be safe. Dont panic, reconnect the phone to octans and flash again. If your phone gets into boot loader mode, you are safe. if it doesnt......ask for help by then :)

3-4 Dont flash eboot if you are unsure, it contains some new drivers such for wifi and the amount of ram available. but it doesnt affect the phones performance overall. Always flash pda. its safe and doesnt wipe my storage.

5. flash again or hard reset..

6. search for it using the search tool..

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