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{R800i/a}[DEVELOPMENT] - CM7.2.0 - FXP047 RELEASED - FreeXperia Project

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We hope to bring you an stable CM7 rom with the best PS1 Emulator (FPSE) and an customised launcher for play needs

the goal is high and will take time but this phone can become the best combination between an phone and an game console !

If you want to contribute to FreeXperia Project you can access it on git


if you want to support our work you can donate


Our team is not responsable of any damage that you or you phone will suffer by using our work

you will need an unlocked bootloader to flash our project

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GSM - precompiled

SENSORS - precompiled

GPS - precompiled

3D - precompiled

WIFI - from source

BT - from source

LIGHTS - from source

VIDEO - from source

AUDIO - from source

Gralloc - from source

Portable WIFI Hotspot - from source

RECOVERY - from source integrated into boot.img

LiveView - UGLY but SMART Accesory

CAMERA - precompiled (fully working)



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GSM FXP042 - http://hotfile.com/dl/135579361/ab5e0ba/FXP047-update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-XperiaPlay-R800i-KANG-signed.7z.html

to have GSM radio and camera you have to flash provided official rom

please don't mirror (we want to have download conunt)


to flash cm7 rom you have to take 3 steps (after unpacking the 7z archive)

step 1 - copy update.zip to sdcard

step 2 - flash new kernel (always use the kernel provided in CM7 / it is incompatible with stock ROM)

ON PC - run fastboot flash boot boot.img (an black window will open and will stay open untill kernel is flashed)

ON PHONE - put phone in fastboot mode (power off then press lower right key and plug usb cable) and phone LED will light BLUE

step 3 - when phone is booting (first 5 seconds) press volume key several times to enter recovery and choose apply update from sdcard

WARNING - if you used another rom (stock or custom) you have to wipe data or device will not boot

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