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Cooking Tips Is needed From the experts

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Hello every one.... Im trying to cook my first rom.... im using wes58 romtool and latest script from twu2... I use dumped rom of official JJ1(winmo 6.5) provided by speedfrog..... Im trying to port the new build(29022) to this 6.5 rom...

I have Few questions :

1. Is it really possible to Update the winmo of JJ1 from 6.5 to 6.5.3? (I did port it... but when the phone starts all the programs are from 6.5os but the start button is below(as in 6.5.3) and there is the graphic error, which occurs when u install a 6.5 program to a 6.5.3 rom)

2. If it is possible How can i overcome it??? If it is possible which official release should i use????

3. If i try to make a lite rom with ported 6.5.3 os, using twu2 scrips there is the black screen problem after boot.... i overcame it by selecting power on/off animation, samsung keypad and MyOEM in the build OS.. the rom starts perfectly, every thing works perfect but the graphical problem occurs in the keypad only.... what can i do to overcome it?

4. If i want to add new files in my own rom (eg. ram cleaner, themes, taskbar, SPB time and shell etc) i first put it in EXT_OEM folder then open the wes58 romtool and under EXT_OEM PACKAGE tab i select them and press UPDATE.. Then i copy the contents of OEM folder(Created inside the ext_oem folder after updating) and copy inside the OEM folder(Inside kitchen folder)... but when i select these files in BUILD OS the program unexpectedly crashes... I got rid of the duplicate files by using preBUILDos.exe file.......

5. Do i copy the files of SYS folder(from new os 29022) to the existing SYS folder(from the dump and deleting everything except .ROM and .VM folder first before copying the new files) or do as twu2 shows us(by creating SYS_29022 folder)

6. I made sure i have no problem in my procedure by creating a lite rom of 6.5 os from JJ1 dump... It works flawless...

7. What does zzzzzMyMods folder of twu2 contains(what does it do to the rom?)? and why is it necessary to cook every time with the rom??

any advice wold be greatly accepted..... Thanks....

P.S = I'm really sorry for opening a new topic.... I have already viewed lots of topics on cooking rom.. but i specifically need this questions to be answered.... Sorry... but im helpless here.....

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Hey it seems you encountered the same problem as me. When I'm trying to cook my own custom ROM for Omnia 2 GT-I8000 using twu2's lite script. I have not been able to proceed further than the BuildOS part as I always got the 'file already exists' error, even after I sorted out the duplicate files. Also I'm porting builds in that ROM. Btw the tutorial posted by twu2 is quite confusing to follow especially after he updated the BuildOS part where we can select what apps to include or exclude. Frankly, I've almost given up cooking a very 'personalised' ROM for my phone where I've stopped half-way since early of this year. And well, I find many functions of the WinMo OS to suits my usage. Though it is no doubt newer OSes are getting better and better, I still didn't find much use of their 'fancy' functions for myself. Well, I was looking forward to get myself a WinPhone 8 later on.

p.s. Maybe then I'll miss the customization & skinning works in WinMo I used to do haha

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