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karol czarnota

Omnia II cant switch on after flashing

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Hello.Ive got problem with my new omnia II. I tried flashing rom 6.5.X & 6.5|ROM|WWE| Energy Series 21916/29022 Sense 2.5 (Dinik). When octan finished flashed this rom and reboot , device turned off after it show samsung logo(with www.samsung.com). Soft reset wont help .

Any suggestions? ;/

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did you flash it with only PDA part??? or u also flashed it with eboot , phone part ( or any one of them?)???

you will only brick ur phone when there is error while flashing with eboot......

try flashing with a .mst file (which is the official rom)...... see if the problem persists..... dont touch the eboot (.ebo) and the phone part......

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