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[HELP] My O2 stuck in welcomescreen T____T

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Actually this incident happen 2 month ago and I had been give up with my O2

I use this in my O2

PDA: RAPIDNXXJI1 (Naked JJ1 - 21916)



and i add shell mobile with droid pro

then I succsessfully in flashing my O2 with new ROM

and I did not find any problem in process flashing

approximately 1 month later from flashing when I heard music in my O2, suddenly my O2 dead

when I try booting, my O2 just stuck in logo SAMSUNG OMNIA 2

then I try to hard rest, nothing happen, just stuck in logo SAMSUNG again

when I try to flash or connect to charger my O2 just display battery image without progress bar

please anyone help me :(

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