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bln finally working reports from xda

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hi guys just got my galaxy s2 working with BLN....here is the how (i haven't done none of this work all I have done is copy and paste the relevant links from xda ).

here download any of the 3 kernels flash them via CWM (I used the second one the 2.0.5).


(the free apk available only lights up the soft keys so pro BLN in the market Has more options e.g Blinks, schedules).

NOW currently this wont work on stoke sms apk(only on messaging apps like go sms,handsent and others.since the stoke app doesn't support notification light) but searching i found a way to make it do so if you flash this patch via CWM..(for odex or deodexed).

http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1206726 (only for KG6).

Enjoy ........would be great if people could let me know if it worked for them .

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BLN working fine for me on Battista ROM 3.4 with Ninpo 2.0.5 kernel.

I got around the stock SMS issue by freezing stock messaging app in Titanium Backup, and using Handcent instead. Added bonus is that got rid of the screen waking on SMS receipt.

Battista 3.5 and other ROMs now have BLN working with the stock messaging app also.

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