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How to get .MST or .NB0 or .BIN to Kitchen??? HELP!

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Arite my eyes hurt...and my head...after 2 weeks of searching EVERY how to i come across says how to cook in a kitchen but they start off with:

step 1: copy your exe files into exe folder... -___-


im trying to make a custom rom (all i really want to do is remove a few preinstalled apps to free up rom like facebook, midomi, and rss)

i have the original i8000NXXJI1 .mst file from samsung, i also extracted it into a .NB0 file AND i also flashed my phone and then created a rom_dump.bin file so i have ALL 3 files...i just need to know how to get ONE of them into a kitchen...i've tried using 3 kitchens so far HyperCore, Vistang and some other one idk the name..... so if any one can tell me how to:

put a .mst OR .nb0 OR rom_dump.bin file into a kitchen (ANY KITCHEN THAT I CAN REMOVE THE PROGRAMS FROM) please help...again i just plan to remove preinstalled programs nothing major...be nice to be able to change the page pool too but the most important im trying to do is to delete about 7 or 8 programs that normaly come on the rom that i dont use and want to delete to free up space (becuase i cant delete the files in windows not even using total comander)

PLEASE & Thank You!

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