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Hello everyone!

I have a 16 GB Samsung GT i8000 and have a little Problem, after flashing a new Version of Windows Mobile 6.5 I can't start or shutdown my Omnia, because my "End Call Button" did not have any Function anymore. In the Standard Version there was the Start/Shutdown + Go Function. Is there any Solution, like changing Key Map or something?

PS: And no, i forget to make a backup of my old OS Version :(

Best regards,


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Hi there shiro,

I don't think you can remap the shutdown button, also, I have no idea why your shutdown button doesn't work, that's weird..

But you have a lot of options here..

Try a hard reset.

Try flashing again to see if the problem persists. (Using a different ROM maybe)

I've looked into Settings > General Settings > Button > Assign a program but it doesn't give an option to map any key to shutdown but can try installing a third party program for shutdown/softreset/standby and assign the shortcut for it to any hardware key you want..

I hope that helps you

Edited by Leeds

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THX Leeds but now I know what was the Failure. The Button was damaged and now I wait that my Omnia 2 come back from repair and i can add Froyo Beta 2 ;)

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