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HELP: Step by Step Upgrade

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Hi All,

I'm just about to upgrade my phone both kernel and rom to MCR 5 for the Galaxy S II.

Previously when I've upgraded my android handsets (the San Fran), it hasn't been my main phone, and thus I haven't cared about restoring data.

I'd like if possible to retain the apps I have installed, their settings etc. I'd like to keep SMS's. I'd like to keep my music (on SD card) and pictures (on phone storage) too.

Now, I'm already backing up with Titanium Backup, and storing that on the SD card.

I'm concerned that if I follow the upgrade instructions, and then restore from the Titanium Backup, that I might re-install some legacy stuff for the ROM?

Can anyone advise the full and correct procedure to backup, upgrade and restore to full functionality, with minimum downtime please?


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Whenever I upgrade I always factory reset, upgrade, then factory again. This is from past experience with various android devices showing slight side effects by missing out one stage or another. As a result of this, the last thing I want to do is restore anything, so I always set up from scratch each time! The only exception is my call log and sms log, which I back up with My Backup Pro, and then restore.

Any apps which have a settings export option (ADWLauncher.EX, Tasker, various widgets etc) I export the settings before I do the initial factory reset, then after installing the apps fresh from the market, I import the settings from the SD card.

Yes its laborious, but it means I don't fall into the "forever upgrading and never using the damn thing" trap, and also means I only tend to install stuff I actually use, and not the million apps i accumulate between upgrades!

Probably doesn't help much, but thought I'd throw in my 2p!

Edit: forgot to add, I always remove my SD card while doing the reset-upgrade-reset, just in case! And remember anything saved is likely to be on the internal SD card, not the external one unless explicitly set (eg. camera), so copy everything onto the PC, then if anything goes tits, you can just copy it back again.

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