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Nelson Neoh

Switching IME in CyanogenMod Beta1 Omnia 2

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As titled, the original switching of IME is not working in this release. Believed is a bug or so. But any how, thanks for JOB21 and finally found a way to overcome this.

The "Original way" which is not working:

1. Long pressed on the Switch Button and select Settings to bring out the IME menu.


2. When you pressed on Input Method, it will just jump out and nothing more happen. (BUG!)


The Working Way:

1. Find any apps which allows text input. In this example I use Compose New SMS.


2. Long press on text input field to bring out the Option Manu. You will find Input Method option in the list.


3. After step 2 above, you will then get the IME select list. Select your desired IME and it will work fine and flawless.


That's all.

And yet, done forget to patch the fonts provided in the 2nd Post of the project page. Else you will not able to see Chinese Characters properly. (Perhaps other non-English languages applies too?)

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