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Nelson Neoh

Android Problem FAQ

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There are lots of common problem which is not caused by custom builds. Hope this list will benefits those newbies. Will update from time to time.

Market Related

Market keep downloading apps which might had been installed or downloads with infinitive copies:

Go to Settings->Programs->Manage Apps

In tab name ALL (3rd Tab from left as below)


Look for following 2 apps and Clear its Data, case solved:

  • Download Manager
  • Market

Changing Key Layout

File Location: /system/usr/keylayout

Key Maps Code:


key 158   CAMERA

key 26    ENDCALL               WAKE_DROPPED

key 217   HOME

key 231   CALL

key 102   MENU

key 115   VOLUME_UP

key 114   VOLUME_DOWN

key 116   BACK

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