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Tutorials and problems when using Android on Omnia (updated: 12.01.2012)

2 posts in this topic

First of all, read the first page of the main post >Here<


1. My Omnia hangs on "Android on Omnia II Loading" #3041 #3055 #3090 #3117

2. I need the "startup.txt" file! #3052

3. Can I Donate to the project? #3056

4. Can't see storage under android #3063

5. Can't see SD card (when installed on my storage) #3066 #3738

6. Notes on partition layout #3828

7. How can I cange the keymap on the phone? #3074 #3755

8. Stuck at one of the loading stages #3081

9. Terminal emulator and swap partition #3565 #3097 #3177

10. Installation hangs at "Checking for external SD" #3164

11. I wan't to use my storage as SD Card #3175 #3829

12. I can't see the clock on my CM6 #3197 #3598 #3599

13. How can I increase the performance #3200 Before applying any of this changes, read #3908 #3907

14. The camera doesn't work properly #3206

15. I'm chinese and I can't see the fonts properly #3233 #3444

16. Missing numbers in the keyboard #3245

17. Any alternatives to App2SD? #3279

18. The GPS is too slow #3290 #3843

19. Problems with hidden access points #3313 #3322 #3335

20. How to install on internal storage? #1879 #3735 #3327 #3691

21. General installation video #3839

22. Troubleshooting installing on internal storage #3585

23. Email app with OWAV capabilities? #3343 #3345 #3348

24. Plans to enable DSP Manager? #3413

25. Earphones not detected when plugged in #3430 #3692 #3739

26. Installing in my storage using autoinstaller #3505

27. How to use the android shell from pc #3565

28. Can't load logcat in the terminal emulator #3567 #3571

29. Some texts doesn't appear on my phone! #3625

30. I don't like the boot animation/bootlogo #3635 #3662

31. Turn off boot animation #3667

32. Not working updates #3655

33. IMEI management on CM6 #3666 #3670

34. Change notification bar transparency #3676

35. Troubles using the phone as a massive USB storage #3680 #3682 #3821

36. Battery duration #3706

37. Switching IME #3712

38. How to recover My storage after unsuccessful install #3716 #3750

39. Troubles loading script updates #3753 #3768 #3799

40. Is it possible to magically convert a resistive screen into a capasitive one? #3763 #3765 #3782 #3853

41. Can't play music from My Storage See Nº11 or #3804

42. Can't turn on phone after left sleeping a lot of time #3826 #3840

43. I just want to use an android app #3847

44. How to make a backup of my phone? #3902 #3915

45. When I'll be able to use FM Radio or camera driver? #3918 #4123

46. Troubles regarding Launcher Pro #3960

47. Troubles regarding Camera #4003

48. Overclocking the phone #3993

49. Preventing unexpected restarts #4075

50. What is better? SD card or Internal Storage? #4083

51. Battery not reaching 100% #4107

52. How to run Logcat? #_6

53. I'm having problems with bluetooth #4177

54. Phone freezes on messages #4170 #4179

55. How to install android on SD card without access to my storage? #4181

56. I get errors when installing a market application #4182

57. How can I build android kernel (and zImage)? #4201

58. The phone show's that the entire ram isn't in use #4223

59. How to apply an update manually? #4266

60. How to get rid of the battery percentage symbol #4229

61. How to make a backup of the filesystem #4257

62. I can't get gmail working #4286

63. How can I uninstall preinstalled applications? #4290 #4294

64. Where/How can I find live Walpapers? #4297

65. How to install flash player? #4299


1. What's HDPI? #4145

2. Where Can I find official windows roms? #3938

3. Where can I find official Kies drivers? Here

And PLEASE Do not ask again about any of this topics:

1. The camera doesn't work

The driver is being rebuilt, so just wait until dev's post news about it

2. How to listen to FM Radio

As the camera, the FM Radio driver is being developed by sandor, so just wait

3. When will we have full nand rom?

There are quite a lot of things to do before creating a room. Moreover if you screw up with haret it doesn't matter, you can always reinstall.

However, if you screw up with the nand, your phone could brick.

4. Can we overclock android?

No, moreover if we did so, the battery would last even less, le processor could get damaged, and is not a good idea.

5. Can someone make an even easier install guide?

Come on... there's even a video

6. The battery drains very quickly!

Yes, and we cannot do anything at the moment but lower the clock frequency, which isn't a good idea

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the site wants username and password.. how should i reg.?


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