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How do I go back to Stock ROM?

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I used HTCDEV site to unlock the bootloader.

Bootloader : 1.02.0000


Then I perm rooted the phone using HTCSuperToolv3.

Installed Clockwork Recovery

Flashed CM7.1 (Didn't like it)

Flashed nNS-1.0rc4b (I like it but I want to go back to Stock)

So I find myself

* RUU_Legend_Froyo_S_HTC_WWE_3.15.405.6_Radio_47.51. 35.17_7.13.35.05_release_222317_signed.zip extracted from the EXE.

* Copied to SD Card

* Restart the phone in recovery

* Install ZIP from SD Card

* Point to the ZIP file I get error below.

Installing /sdcard/RUU_Legend_Froyo_S_HTC_WWE_3.15.405.6_Radio_47.51.35.17_7.13.35.05_release_222317_signed.zip

Finding update package...

Opening update package...

E:Can't open /sdcard/RUU_Legend_Froyo_S_HTC_WWE_3.15.405.6_Radio_47.51.35.17_7.13.35.05_release_222317_signed.zip


Installation aborted.

Please advice :)

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