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Xperia Arc S battery heating problem

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Hi! Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I can't find anything specific for Arc S. Anyway, I'm planning to buy an Xperia Arc S next month but I've been reading a lot of comments about battery heating up when playing games or surfing the web. Most are saying that this is normal for a smartphone. How can I manage battery heating problem when using the phone? And up to what temperature is still considered normal? What are the indicators that the phone might be overheating and i need to bring it to a repair store?

I guess I'm worried because I read somewhere that if the phone is always heating this might lessen the battery and handset life.

Thank you in advance for the help!


Here's a little background: I had Xperia Pro and it doesn't have heating problems but it got water damaged. Is the Xperia Arc S a good option after Xperia Pro? Appreciate your suggestions.

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I got an ARC S after using a ZTE Blade for over 12 months and I don't consider it heats up any more than the Blade did in use (or my LG GT540 prior to that).

I used the HDMI out to view a movie over the weekend and it hardly heated up.

Battery life on ICS is pretty good (I don't use many games on it) with background data sync on for Gmail & Whatsapp, I use Tweakdeck & Tapatalk through the day on manual sync. I send/receive appx 15-20 texts a day and around 20-45 mins of voice calls & a couple of hours of reading/browsing.

A normal day is on battery from 7.15am to 23.30pm and will regularly have over 40% battery life left.


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Only buy if you gonna root! slowest ICS ever!

And my Arc S sometimes overheat in standby, without charging and everything turned off!

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i have arc s

and yes i think it heat up

i used x10i

before and it never been heated at this point

in comparing with arc s it (x10i) considered cold

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