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Jr18 **WiFi** (JDQ39 / 4.2.2): MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Nexus 7

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I've read that part. And I knew that the device want be supported forever!

But is it to much to post a short comment, that it is not supported anymore? Otherwise I'm wasting my money waiting for a new version!

This is not a device used by a minority of users. It's a Nexus!

And as I said, I've been a long time paying supporter. So I don't know why I'm not allowed to post something about this!

+1 <sad face>

My renewal email arrived this morning - I'm not rushing to pay!

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Go over to XDA and in the Nexus 7 development thread download Wugfresh's Nexus toolkit and use it to revert to stock, then do the ota update. That is what I did.


:) :) :)


Can you please tell me if it is compatible to any tablets, cause i really want to refresh my tablet ...

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