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Burnt my bridges?

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I received my Nexus 7 today and I'm starting this thread to enquire if I have burned my bridges with regard to losing DRM keys.

I followed the guide, and activated the "fastbook oem unlock", then selected yes at the next screen (it wiped my device). I then installed clockwordmod recovery using the guide in this link "http://www.modaco.co...ry-for-nexus-7/".

I have not yet installed any custom roms or even the root zipfile.

Here are my questions:

  1. Have I deleted something that is unrecoverable, such as DRM keys? If I have, what is the impact of this, and was there (in retrospect) any way of backing up these files?
  2. If I boot to ClockworkMod Recovery, without doing anything, then clicking "Restart System", the following screen appears:

"ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?


At this point, I selected the "Go Back" option, but that rebooted the system anyway. Have I damaged something here?

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Nope, you're fine!

From Android 4.0 onwards Google included a script which automatically restored the default recovery if you'd flashed something like ClockworkMod. If you wanted CWM to stick, you had to delete or rename this script, which is all that this menu option means.

DRM keys etc are completely safe - the only time you might run into issues is if you either:-

i) Fart around with Google Wallet and custom ROMs on a regular basis without resetting Wallet each time.

ii) Encrypt your device and then decide you want to flash different ROMs, which will result in a factory reset.

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