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Test- Unable to Cold Boot Recovery - Stuck on Gooogle Lock problem

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also posted on xda-dev

EDIT: This doesnt get us where we want to be - you can only boot into the fastboot screen IF you have a usb cable connected to a pc

I now seem to be able to boot to use Vol- and Power on to get to the boot loader menu where as before I could only do so by selecting from within Android.

Would somebody using ClockworkMod with the - Unable to Cold Boot into Recovery - Stuck on Gooogle Lock - problem try the following and report back ?

Power down Nexus 7

Hold Vol+ AND Vol- down and power on keeping both VOl+ and Vol- pressed for about 10 secs

If and when the Android appears use the Vol keys to select Restart bootloader and then press the power key

Wait for it to reboot

again you should see the android on his back this time use vol+ - to select Recovery Mode

it should reboot into CWM

In CWM select reboot

When it asks whether you want to fix bootloader select - No

let it reboot into android desktop

Shut down and test whether powering on with vol- now takes you to bootloader menu

Repeated for those who want just the facts;

1. Power Off

2. Vol+ AND Vol-, Power On

3. Restart Bootloader

4. Recovery Mode

5. Reboot

6. No to - Fix bootloader? question



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