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Help, I think I may have bricked my San Fran 2

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Hello, I have something of a problem.

I just got myself a new Blade 2 (Orange San Francisco 2, if it makes any difference) and I managed to get clockwork on it but when I tried to install Swedish Snow, it froze on me. I think the problem stems from the fact I thought the 2 meant that it was a Gen 2 so I used a mod for the normal San Fran. I also had an update for Clockwork mod (again, for the normal) which I think I accidentally applied when I retried installing Snow.

Anyway, I now cannot get it to boot into either Android OR Clockwork recovery (even if I boot with vol-, I just get the green man) and using fastboot just makes Windows tell me that the device is malfunctioning and that it cannot install drivers.

Does anyone know where I could be going wrong or will I have to throw my phone before I even got a chance to put a SIM in it and use it?

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Hi. Mother of Gee-chan here. Daft lad is now too absorbed in setting up his revived San Fran II to thank you, so please accept my own thanks for saving me from having to shell out another £50 for a replacement.

Kate xx

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