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Nexus 7 microphone issue?

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this is a very strange problem that I've been having and I'm almost certain that its a software issue.

At first everything was perfectly fine, but suddenly, a few days ago the microphone stopped working in portrait mode, and only worked in landscape.

Yesterday, by clearing out cache the mic seemed to work, but for only a short amount of time, like 5-10s.

After countless of research, I gave up and was checking the sd storage in the nexus 7 by using my computer, somehow an accidental delete of the entire SD card made the mic work 100%, this gave me an idea of it somehow linking with the storage capacity (I have a 32gb, I was only using 10gb of space,)

After restoring all the files it somehow stopped working for a short amount of time, but worked after deleting all my music.

then I got bored and restored it back again, which somehow fixed the mic 99%.

Now today, all of aa sudden it's displaying the same behavior!

if someone knows please help. Sorry for a long story.

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