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iPhone-iOS ZTE skate

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Since apparently you were too lazy to try installing MIUI and downloading an iPhone theme, I tried it for you. Out of personal interest because I've never used a MIUI rom before. This is as close to iOS you're going to get, and it's Android 4.1. The rom's a bit unstable though (had some wifi-issues) and the only available languages are Chinese, English or Russian.




  • You need a system partition bigger than 200MB. I only had 200MB and there wasn't sufficient space for gapps (like the Play Store)
  • Install this rom (MIUI 2.12.7 by zukriaksah):
  • Install gapps (CFX2 stripped gapps by tilal, I had issues with newer gapps):
  • Install the proximity sensor fix (by C3C0 look it up in the MIUI thread, its the 3rd post or something)
  • Reboot (might take a while). When it's booted connect to your wifi network. I had issues when I postponed this, had to reflash the rom.
  • Download this theme (by Malanore): http://www.mediafire...s7nm9f29821nflp
  • Connect your phone to your pc and create these folders in your sdcard: MIUI\theme (so theme is in MIUI) and copy the .mtz theme you downloaded in the previous step
  • Open Themes on your front page, the theme iOS6 should appear after a while, select it and let it apply.
  • If you really want it look like iOS6, get one of these wallpapers :)

I used C3C0's latest gapps first (for ParanoidAndroid JB) and with those were small enough for a system partition of 200MB but made the overall rom unstable, so that's why you need tilal's and a big system partition.

You're not getting closer to iOS than this, even the Play Store has an App Store icon, horrible :P. The notification screen isn't exactly themed .. But it's superior so why bother :P.

If you want the rom to more developed, kindly go ask that in the MIUI thread. If he ports C3C0's latest changes of this month that's already a big step forward.

Now time to get this horrible creation off my phone :D. (And I mean the iOS theme is horrible, not MIUI, that looks neat but I wish it supported Dutch. Can't have it in English for my mum unfortunately).

Thank you.

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I might as well chuck in my two pence worth. You can pretty much get the iPhone look just by changing the background and downloading a good icon pack such as DCikonZ.

Having now jailbroken my iPhone 4, I might try an Android look. :D

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