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official Nexus 7 dock available

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comicbookguy    20

So there are finally signs of the official dock .... £24.99 from Asus IF you can get one.

Notes if you're interested:

Charging only through the dock (no charger included)

Audio out either through dock or external speakers is a selectable option in the OS

Some additional dock features enabled in the OS while docked

Tablet's micro-usb IS still useable for OTG functions while docked and charging :D

Anybody managed to get a right angle otg cable that hangs downward with the tablet in landscape? Damn Google and Asus for their backward socket......

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Sn0warmy    4

Still so annoyed by this. How is it possible that Asus can't create enough to have a legitimate stock? Between the N7 debacle, then the N4 with LG/Google, the N4 wireless Orb and this dock, it's astonishing to me that these companies are still in business.

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andybarker    17

Does anyone know if I order now, if I can change the delivery address later on? I'd rather not wait until I move, as I know these things often sell out very quickly.

Edit: Scratch that - all gone already! Maybe next time.

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BiggerBaloo    1

I managed to get one, and I must say I'm quite disappointed with it. I wish I'd looked for some others, or maybe a universal one, but I got a bee in my bonnet about wanting a genuine one - thinking it would be better.

  • It doesn't sit perfectly against the terminals, and at almost every touch loses connection to the dock (it's no better for the non-3g one either, my son has one)
  • It doesn't charge anywhere near as good as it should (even when you plug the same mains charger in) - if your watching a video with it sat in the dock, your draining more power than your putting in.
  • You can't USB tether when sat in the dock by connecting the dock to the computer
  • No speakers built in (but I knew that before I bought it) - just has a 3.5 mm audio jack on the back
  • It doesn't come with it's own power source (again I knew, but think it's a shame)

I think it should be referred to as a holder as opposed to a dock, since that's really all it's good for. I don't think it represents good value, and it's the last time I opt genuine in the hope for better quality.

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