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Phone is laggy after using camera.... PLEASE HELP!

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I really hope you can help me with this issue because it's strange that there's no solution... Actually my acer liquid metal is running the t&l rom (but it happens with other roms too) with the kernel technolover 1.5 and everything is smooth and fast until I use the camera or I see a video: after that my phone become full of annoying lag and I need to restart the device to restore the smoothness... I already tried to search on google and modaco but I couldn't able to find anything :( I put the script v6 supercharger thinking it was a ram memory problem and I uninstalled the camera app trying another one, but nothing... In short I have the same issue described here here and here

I don't know, it seems a MDDI crash... Am I the only one who has this issue? How can I fix it? Please guys, help me :(

Many thanks in advance

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First of all thanks for your answers guys!

Did u try flashing the stock acer rom via the download tool??

I didn't flash the latest stock official rom via the download tool but through the setup wizard of Acer (I've done this after I flashed the 1.1 version with the download tool) and then I flashed the t&l rom and the technolover kernel.

it's a known bug, no solution! you can use the 1.1 version!

It sounds really awful to me, I mean It's very hard to not use the latest version...

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I advice you to flash the cm7 (or a based rom) and you won't have this issue anymore ;)

Thanks. I flashed cm7 as you said and finally that lag issue after using the camera is disappeared. I'm happy now :D

Thank you again! :)

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