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treker6541    0

Hi i am new to hacking and am having trouble unlocking the bootloader on my ascend g510-0251. have tried using the DC-Unlocker program but each time i try it, it comes back with "error 231 DBAadapter not installed please download and install" even though when i check device manager ports it shows it is working ok. i have installed all drivers and all seems to be working correctly. my laptop is a compaq with windows 8.1 64bit. i have achieved root using the kingo root program but want to install a custom rom running android 4.4 but require a unlocked bootloader. hope you can be of some help thanks in advance.

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iewauhedoc    0

Is your phone in usb debug mode, when I changed this setting, it installed the adb-bridge driver in windows


Also thanks a bunch ... I read 10 different tutorials from here and everywhere, I done the DC / ADB Fastboot option to try and unlock. I think it did unlock but my phone after restarting itself wiped "EVERYTHING" .... Not one mention anywhere would the booloader unlock wipe all the data ... Would have expected only for custom rom installing, was planning to backup my phone with twrp ...All Gone, thanks 

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rAyNEix2    0

Sorry for necro posting, but, in case people encounter "Phone Not Found" issue, try this (worked on my case):

Before detection Huawei Android phones, enable 'Manufacture' mode: 
in dial pad type *#*#2846579#*#*, then select 
'Background settings', 
'USB ports settings', 
'Manufacture mode'. - But I used Normal Mode which caused my phone to be detected without being in Download mode (the Purple/Pink screen)

Hope it helps!

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tarinka    8

To refresh topic, how to find bootloader code on huawei y300 when dc unlocker have to pay ? And huawei web doesn't work anymore 

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arnookie    15
On ‎20‎/‎12‎/‎2015 at 0:14 AM, qawwseedr said:

yes it still works but it in china language.

leave top box as it is set

You just need to enter model in second box.

serial in third box.

emi in forth box.

for fith box type *#*#1357946#*#*  into phone dial pad and enter the number it gives on the phone screen.

Fill in capitcha and unlock code will be displayed below it after a few seconds just wait till it generates.


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