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lg l3 e400 jellybean .ios roms

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So i saw some Brazilian and other sites and Saw these roms which i couldn't find in any site in English so here are the links

jellybean :http://www.ultraconnect.com.br/2013/06/lancamento-e400-rom-jellybean-412.html?m=1

ios rom: http://www.taringa.net/ADVERTISING SPAM/optimus-l3/7390256/Rom-ios-we-lg-l3.html (looks cool )

And this : http://www.taringa.net/ADVERTISING SPAM/optimus-l3/7387685/Pedido-rom-thermonuclear-V2-SOLUCIONADO.html

i hope u test these roms and report back

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Well I think we need to create JB Rom for our Device, coz CM abandoned E400 since 20130505.

Whz thez abonded ourćs Android Machines?Why?And how you know that?

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Becoz there's no such update (cmupdater) until now. Did you Notice it? Don't you?

I am,and about JB ROM for our LG Optimus L3 E400 Android there are work in progress now is avalabile the first alpha 1 perview version with a lot's of bugs like white blured screen up side down sensors controls and many other things are not working but it is stable instalation and boot are completely stable.Here take a look

http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2229798 if you don't belive me.

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