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Get a DEV for G510 / Y300!

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Hi people,

I'm trying to get cm in those devices but i can't get it boot correctly. In HTCMania (spanish forum), a few days ago, i open a new post spoken for donate to Kra1o5 (Spanish dev for G300) and they accept this but need donations for get the device.

Kra1o5 is a Dev, you can see their projects in his github (http://github.com/kra1o5) or in HTCMania (CM and PAC for G300, http://www.htcmania.com/forumdisplay.php?f=751)

If we donate, kra1o5 try to port with a GOOD Device repos Cyanogen and we can port more (paranoid, aokp, pac....)

RESUME: This post is created for donate to kra1o5 and him get device and he try to port a few roms!

NOTICE: If you look for problems this is not your post!!!!

Link for Donate: http://www.htcmania....er.php?u=638214

(Go to insert Coin in this profile from HTCMania)

If you are not registred in HTCMania, direct LINK

Link Post HTCMania: http://www.htcmania....ad.php?t=632853

Link Post DarkSideTeam: http://www.darksidet...ead.php?tid=365

IMPORTANT!!! PUT IN CONCEPT G510 or Y300 or Buy G510.


Best Regards!


If anyone can try to get this device repos working: http://www.github.com/CyanogenU8951 I can't loose more time because i'm N00B :P

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I`ve just donated, kra1o5 is a great developer and made the stable TWRP for our device without the device, nice initiative! ^_^

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