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Music randomly stops when web browsing

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I have recently purchased an huawei ascend y300 and it seems quiet capable. However when listing to music or a pod cast and browsing the web the audio will randomly stop and the player icon will disappear from the notifications bar. I have had a look around for a solution to this problem but haven't come up with anything yet and was hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on the situation.

I have tried using several different players including beyond pod, power amp, Google music and the stock player I have also removed all the players and just tried the stock one on its own. I have also copied some music to the internal memory and removed the sd card and the problem persists. The phone is rooted but running the huawei stock rom.

I recorded an error log, below is an extract from when I think the the player stopped. The full log is available in the attachment.

build.model: HUAWEI Y300-0100

build.product: Y300-0100

version.release: 4.1.1

08-28 19:19:34.149 I/ActivityManager(27213): Displayed com.maxmpz.audioplayer/.PlayerUIActivity: +1s191ms

08-28 19:19:35.099 I/AudioService(27213): AudioFocus requestAudioFocus() from [email protected][email protected]

08-28 19:19:35.119 I/AudioService(27213): Remote Control registerMediaButtonIntent() for PendingIntent{42cd9688: PendingIntentRecord{427f4e48 com.maxmpz.audioplayer broadcastIntent}}

08-28 19:19:58.779 W/AudioService(27213): AudioFocus audio focus client died

08-28 19:19:58.779 I/AudioService(27213): AudioFocus abandonAudioFocus(): removing entry for [email protected][email protected]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You



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I imagine Android is simply killing off the task in an attempt to free up RAM. I'd experience similar behavior after I first began using this phone. I've since switched from Winamp to Terra Music and set the Empty App portion of my minfree settings to 24mb. I haven't had a problem since.

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I have never had this problem when playing a high end game like GTA 3 and having music playing in background and faceboot, whatsapp and other background processes running?

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