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SD Card Not Mounting

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HI, yet another problem with my G510.


When you boot the phone you see the prompt 'Preparing SD Card' and then disappears, but it doesn't mount. Under 'Settings' and 'Storage' the' SD Card' it just has the option 'Mount SD Card', and if you select that, you again get the prompt Preparing SD Card, and nothing mounts.


The SD Card works fine in another phone, and a different SD Card won't work in the G510 either, so it has to be a phone issue. 


I've booted into TWRP and I am also unable to mount the MicroSD or SD-Ext.


I'm using ROM http://www.modaco.com/topic/364680-rom-huawei-ascend-g510-100-b194-v20-final-1792013/

for the last few weeks, this problem only occured in last 2 days.

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