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[HELP] Questions for all

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Hello all,



I'm new to these forums. I owned Samsung Galaxy Mini. Just bought Huawei G510-0200 and i have some questions:


1. Can I flash G510-0100 rom to G510-0200? (Only differnce is NFC...)


2. How can I flash custom recoveries?


3. Are CM 10.1 ROM's are stable for daily use?



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wassup brah. Welcome to the forum. 


1. yes. Totally

2. fastboot/adb. Learn how to install fastboot here then flash this via fastboot. After that you can flash different recoveries with your installed recovery.

3. i'm currently running Kra1o5's CM 10.1 R12 and it works perfectly for me. Video recording doesnt work, but i rarely use my phone for video recording. 


Happy flashing

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