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Ascend Y300-0100 Camera problems

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Hi Community!


After unlocking, rooting and installing CM10.2 my camera stopped working.

When I open the camera app all I can see is coloured stripes dancing around.

In addition I can't switch to the front cam, there is no button for this. Seems like something during the process broke something relevant to the cam, but I have no clue. I used TWRP for recovery


I already tried various roms and also returning to the stock rom (B197) but nothing helped...


Any help is deeply appreciated!


THX in advance!


PS: Attached is a picture of the "dancing stripes" in the photo app



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I have the same problem, but I get a black screen. Like there is not connection between the camera and related apps. Also, I have encountered some problems with my flashlight as well.

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