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Can you "hack" the number of touch points?

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s it possible for the number of touchpoints on our G300 to be "hacked" in the kernel?

I am playing Dumb Ways To Die, and I need more than 2 touches, and its really annoying, as otherwise I lose the game, as I need more than 2 touches! :wacko:

Sorry, if this has already been asked before, but Google does not give any definite answers :blush:

Thanks for any ideas :)

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Same thing asked here:


I assumed that the number of touch points was a hardware limitation (of the SoC or touchscreen subsystem?) but maybe not?

I saw that, but i know the G300 has 2 points, and I would like to see if you can get more. That doesnt really have any answers to the question :(

Thanks anyway though :)

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